进 口 临 时 到 付 取 件 保 函
Letter of Liability of Inbound Transport Collect Payer Control

自(From) :
~~~~~~~~~~~(Please fill in below form in English)~~~~~~~~~~~~~
发件人信息(Sender’s Information) .
发件人公司名称(Company Name): 。 发件人地址(Pick Up Address): .
邮政编码(Zip Code): .
电话 / 传真(Tel / Fax NO.):
联系人(Contact Person): 。
预计物品准备好的日期(Package will be ready): 工作时间(Business Hours):
服务方式(Service Requested):
临时到付(Transport Collect Payer Control, below abbreviates as ‘TCPC’)
收件人是否已通知发件人该取件要求(Has the requestor notified the shipper): 。

物品描述(Content description):
件数(Pieces): 。
体积重量(Dimensions):长(L) 宽(W) 高(H)
〔对于非文件类的物品请填写, Only fill in the field for dutiable goods〕
(The aforesaid information is only for the reference for pickup. The actual freight charge should be confirmed after re-weighted by destination when it arrived. According to the regulation of International Air transport Association, DHL shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight, please use the following formula to calculate the volumetric weight in kilograms:

收件人信息(Receiver’s information)
如与本地中外运敦豪签订赊销账号协议请填写(DHL outbound prepaid Account No, where applicable): 。
收件人公司名称(Company name): : 收件人地址(Delivery address): 邮政编码(Zip Code): .
电话 / 传真(Tel / Fax NO.):
联系人(Contact person):

Please pickup the shipment from above address. We, the undersigned, hereby confirm that we remain fully liable to pay DHL-Sinotrans International Air Courier Ltd. (below abbreviates as ‘DHL-Sinotrans’) for all charges payable regarding to above shipment. And we agree that the transportation charge will be calculated based on the latest DHL-Sinotrans’ publish tariff. We understand that the shipper will sign the Air Waybill (refer to the appendix) with origin country DHL, and we will fulfill the Terms and Conditions on the back of the Air Waybill.



Dear Customer,
Thanks for choosing DHL-Sinotrans. Please complete the Letter of Liability of Inbound Transport Collect Payer Control and fax back to below number. If you have no DHL outbound prepaid account no., we will collect the deposit from your site within one working day after we receive your fax. And then we will send the pickup request to the origin country DHL. (If you have the DHL outbound prepaid account no., the deposit is not required)

中外运-敦豪国际航空快件有限公司 分公司
DHL-Sinotrans International Air Courier Ltd Branch
邮编(Zip Code)
电话(Phone No.)
传真(Fax No.)